10 Things

1. When you can’t afford to spend money life will be super funny and make you have to get a new car battery.

2. Notebooks are way cooler in your 20s than when you actually needed them in school.

3. You’ll only remember how to write your name in cursive. And not anything else.

4. Your puppy will always be the cutest before or after they do something terribly unadorable.

5. Those headbands that you thought Target would have forever will not be there when you actually need them.

6. Chipotle solves every problem.
Especially hunger.

7. Conditioner is a great alternative to shaving cream.

8. Switching to essential oils, vinegar and baking soda as your cleaning supplies is life changing.

9. Your husband can hook up a washer and dryer by himself and you’ll be so happy and proud and relieved when he’s done.

10. When you can’t think of anything witty to post, put it in a list and it’s instantly witty.

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