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For those who know me IRL know that I love working with children and teens.

I TA’d (kinda) for a class in college and loved it. I’ve worked at childhood enrichment centers and have taught theatre for 6 years in middle schools, after school programs, and summer programs.

I’ve always considered going back to school to be a teacher, but I have no idea if I’d just want to be a theatre teacher, or work in an elementary school.

Then I came across Montessori. There’s a school and training center very close to where I live, but before I schedule a tour, I was wondering if anyone had experience, or knowledge about being a montessori teacher or Montessori in general.

So…. do you?

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    I’ve been working in a Montessori School, but teaching the middle school level. The main idea of Montessori is that the...
  2. owenmakesstuff answered: My mom was a Montessori teacher, and my niece attends a k-8 Montessori school. It’s a very fulfilling way to teach.
  3. mydelectabledarlooney answered: I worked in a montessori school for three years and loved it.
  4. kyascarter answered: In plain english Assuming im assuming correctly No I don’t have any experience or knowledge of montessori Hope it works out for you :)
  5. shellydiner answered: Yes! I am a Montessori Teacher! Montessori is the best way to teach a child. You will love it!! I wish every child got the opportunity!
  6. sunshineyxx answered: i do! i am a teacher trained in Montessori method for 10 years now.
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